What Is CBD

A Beginners Guide

CBD – Short for 


CBD In Hemp Seeds

CBD is a natural bio-chemical substance derived from the flowers, seeds and stalks of Hemp and Marijuana cannabis plants. The letters, C, B, D, combined together as “CBD” are an abbreviation of the word CannaBiDiol.

CBD derived from hemp will not get you high but does the trick for treating a wide variety of illness from chronic pain and inflammation, to anxiety and everything in between!

Non Psychoactive CBD

CBD May Help

Relieve Your Pain

Acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory, CBD products provide serious relief for anyone who suffers from chronic pains.

Improve Your Sleep

A little CBD before bed can go a long way. Studies have shown that CBD can help regulate sleep cycles, helping you get a deeper and more restful sleep.

Calm Your Anxiety

Working together with your nervous system, CBD has a significant impact on reducing stress levels and inducing a sense of tranquility.

CBD Is Not A Cure For Everything

It is an herbal ally ready to support a healthier you

Types of CBD Oil

Not All CBD Is The Same...

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The Stuff We Use

533615_What is CBD Icons for RHO_white_Contains multiple cannabinoids_091219

Packed with multiple cannabinoids

533615_What is CBD Icons for RHO_white_Creates full entourage effect_091219

Creates full entourage effect

CBD Good for Body

Most beneficial for the body

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

The "Just Ok" Stuff

cannabinoids and terpenes

Contains less cannabinoids and terpenes

533615_What is CBD Icons for RHO_white_Does not create the entourage effect_091219

Creates reduced entourage effect

CBD Good for Body

Less beneficial for the body

CBD Isolate (Powder)

The Stuff You Should NEVER Use

Single Cannabinoid

Contains only one cannabinoid

533615_What is CBD Icons for RHO_white_Does not create the entourage effect_091219

Does not create the entourage effect

Cheap CBD Isolate

A cheap, ineffective alternative to real CBD

Now That You Know...

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